Everyone stacking up on the ladder while waiting for Prodigal‘s orders…

Heeey!~ I’m still catching up onto a lot of stuff.

Recently I got invited to an Ifrit party together with Winnie so I tagged along for first experience running through the floors with party. I think I spent most of the time being clueless on what to do though. >_> Feels so useless but I’ll get used to it. :c I didn’t screenshot at the actual boss because I’m afraid that the ss would be unfortunate and freeze me for  like– 10 secs and then die.

At Vintor TAID

Also first time running through it! I think I mentioned many times to Winnie that my gears are terribly outdated. WinnieProdigal and Syari were so kind to help me through it and get some of the gears. ;_; Again I was completely clueless with the dungeon map or settings heh. There were also completely terrible server lags at that time. I fell and had to run through the floors many many times. >_< (Also died once)



Oy Winnie, stop rambling and fill the blog again with colourful pictures EH


Anyway, as the title says– I’m back again but I’m not sure how long I’d stay (because I think I already stopped playing like twice). It has been almost 2 years I think. I came back mainly because one day I decided to reread again all the LaTale blog posts and I felt incredibly nostalgic. ( Funny because that was the purpose of this blog to begin with– to take you back on a memory lane, it has done it’s job quite well )

But yeah, I’ll keep it short and share what I’ve been doing the past week on Latale.

The sub job quests. Oh god the sub job quests.

The moment that I returned, I think I died like 10 times because I completely forgot how to play. >< ( Counting the iron wills lost ). I also learned that I had MANY things to catch up to. Also quite surprised by the many new fashions and functional sets out there.

But yeah the day after that, I think I immediately started my 3rd job quest and finished it the same night ( I was soloing most of the time, at last parts Winnie came to help me ). I’ve heard many -bad- things about sub class quests, but I thought that it won’t be that bad. Since hey, quest to change job– how hard can it be?

Oh boy I was wrong.


Wow, it sure has been a long time since I’ve last posted here (actually it’s been over a year).
The truth is that I’ve gradually stopped playing Latale since March last year with exams and convention coming up back then. When I got sucked into role-play groups in deviantart, I slowly had less motivation to play since drawing takes me forever so that’s less time for gaming. I made lots of new friends through the RP groups and will be meeting up with some of them soon at this year’s Anime North. I can’t wait to see Sherry and Hanzo again this year. Though it’s too bad I wouldn’t be able to hang out with them after the convention since I have to leave right away. But alas, hopefully we’ll be able to spend more time together along with another friend of ours during Otakuthon week.

Well enough about that. I’m been gradually getting back to Latale again thanks to Nick ([GA]OrngChow), who had helped me so much getting through the subclass quest once I hopped back on. Subclass quests are one of the worst and most tedious quests I have encountered. I was close to ragequitting many times, but Nick always managed to be patient and understand my frustration and calm me down. I don’t have screenshots since I’ve been playing Latale on and off, and sometimes even forget to play when it gets super busy for me at school. But in a way, I do miss blogging about Latale. Looking back from my posts, I can’t help but to chuckle at my thoughts and journey on Latale from back then. It’s like leaving a footprint of yourself from back so you won’t forget about the events that occurred. Nostalgia is what it is for me.

I didn’t quit Latale because I hated it. I simply went on a long hiatus because I had other priorities in life. From role-play groups to studies to drawings, Latale just hasn’t been too high on my priority list. I did visit randomly though I was disheartened by how almost every time I visited, there was no one on my buddylist anymore. People move on and it can’t be helped. But still, it discouraged me from staying since it meant I’d have to befriend people from scratch again rather than staying in my comfort zone. It’s different when a friend introduces another friend of his or hers since you and that new person are automatically connected with a mutual friend. But making friend from scratch is intimidating and challenging. And with the release of Colosseum, most people just group together with their friends to grind there for experience points. Can’t blame them though.

I suppose 8-man parties for the new instance dungeons help somewhat with friend making, but not too much. Still, it’s quite fun doing dungeon runs with people. It isn’t the drops that makes me happy (though it very well could if I find some high dura good boss drops). The thrill of cooperating together to defeat monsters through a dungeon, the joy of joking around with people in the party and the adrenaline rush when you’re the life line of the party is very exhilarating. It reminded me of the old days, which is why I’m still somewhat playing Latale on a weekly basis.

I suppose I should do an update blog post on the things that have happened since my long hiatus. It won’t be happening too soon since I’m in the middle of exam season, but perhaps in early May when I’m not dying from convention print preparation for Anime North I shall be able to take lots of screen caps and write a lengthy update.

Till next time,


Hey guys, long time no update. I’m aware the last time I updated was over 3 months ago and no, this post isn’t really going to be filled with screenshots (unfortunately). I simply don’t have the time to take a giant folder of screenshots I took over the course of 3 months and crop them one by one. Too many projects/assignments to do in life.

There are a couple of things I would want to talk about on this entry though (even though I’m pulling an-almost all nighter for an assignment of mine) regarding some of the current stuff. It might be some what of a long read, so I’ll just post a bullet point of each topic and hide the rest of the in-depth thoughts after cut.

  1. Pokemon Black & White
  2. Latale
  3. Recent Earthquake in Japan


Hey guys, I just found out from varies topics on ggftw’s Latale section that there’s a MMOsite/OGPlanet give away for Latale players to celebrate Xenadia update we just had.

1. To begin, first make an account on MMOsite.

2. Get the activation email and activate your account.

3. Log in an and out (else it won’t recognize you as activated account)

4. Go to this page (logged in again) and click on submit to obtain your 10 digit/letter code

5. Visit this page to enter the code and redeem.

6. Wait up to a week for the prize to be deliverd, if not, helpdesk?

Hope this helps.

Edit: This has personally worked for me and other ggFTWers. So if it doesn’t work for you, wait a few more days and see!

What better way to end the year than to post memories from the year before a new year approaches? Hurhurhur, time to take a trip down the memory lane and see some interesting stuff that happened throughout 2010 from my perspective!

Anyway, to start, follow the cut after this!

Hur, Shiki’s look before changing into a bard. Lol Berkhart set + ladybug earring stuff >: Well, back then it was either Berkhart or Mikoyan functional sets.


Hey guys, I’m still on holiday over in the windy city of Chicago and so far the weather has been pretty agreeable (unlike 2 years ago). I’m still trying to log on LT daily to chat and say hi even though the net here really sucks. I almost gave up on the second Giving Back to the Players event (found here) until my friend Nihta mentioned to me that this one ran way longer. In the last one, you only had 30 days to get those 27 days for the top prize + the tier below them. However for this one, you have 41 days to get those 27 days. Meaning, if you start logging in an hour each today starting from today, you could STILL get the entire tier.

In any case, I was pleasantly surprised when I was checking through my events tab on Shikigami while turning in my wolf tears from some expert runs.

Wow. I didn’t think I got my wish granted. Although they said 30% people who post their wishes would get em granted, I had no expectation about it. PLUS, I thought the wished items were going to be delivered to the gift box tab in the bank so when I saw I didn’t have them, I figured I’d try the second make a wish event for facebook users only.  What a surprise!

Had to double check the thread + my wish to believe. xD

And the first give back to the players event rewards came.

While I’m pretty happy about getting the rewards, I can’t say the same for other people. There were quite a bit of people on both OGPlanet + ggFTW post that they logged on the whole 27 days but didn’t get the tartarus set or anything at all. And some people who did not log on for an hour ever day for 27 days HAVE gotten the tartarus set. I’m appreciative of OGP doing these events that have such wonderful prizes. But I do think that if someone’s going to host an event, they should take some prep time to make sure the event was done right. I can only hope people who helpdesk OGP would get some sort of explanation about this event.

Also, as time passes by, more problems are discovered by players regarding the Xenadia update. Here‘s a topic that compiled a list of problems after the patch got released. I hope those all get fixed soon.

So yeah, I’m happy I got both my make a wish + log in 27 days prizes, but I can’t help but to feel that these things can’t outshine the problems created after the update + log in 27 days event. x: